Our Team

  • Dani Burk
    Dani Burk
    General Manager
  • Cherstin Whatley
    Cherstin Whatley
    Sales Manager
  • Diane Boustead
    Diane Boustead
    Finance & Insurance Specialist
  • Gerry Carlson
    Gerry Carlson
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
  • Luke Krawczyk
    Luke Krawczyk
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
  • Steve Maki
    Steve Maki
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    • Nick Beyak
      Nick Beyak
    • Matt Brant
      Matt Brant
      Director of Fixed Operations
    • Chris Hayes
      Chris Hayes
      Director of Fort Frances Operations
    • Doug Schollie
      Doug Schollie
      Director of Sales
    • Trevor Szmon
      Trevor Szmon
      Director of Corporate Analytics and Development
    • Ken Wickstrom
      Ken Wickstrom
      Director of Finance
    • Lauren Nickle
      Lauren Nickle
      Chief of Staff
    • Candi Stevens
      Candi Stevens
      Southern Fixed Operations Manager
    • Tyson Dennis
      Tyson Dennis
      Facilities & Safety Manager
    • Craig Hyatt
      Craig Hyatt
      Assistant Facilities Manager
    • Robyn Judson
      Robyn Judson
      Assistant Facilities Manager
    • Todd Williams
      Todd Williams
      Senior IT Manager
    • John Ducharme
      John Ducharme
      IT Manager
    • Holly Kaemingh
      Holly Kaemingh
      Marketing & Public Relations Manager
    • Tommy Johnson
      Tommy Johnson
      Assistant Marketing & PR Manager
    • Riza Klassen
      Riza Klassen
      HR Manager
    • Steph Kraynyk
      Steph Kraynyk
      Office Manager
    • Mike Mosher
      Mike Mosher
      Assistant HR Manager

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