Our Team

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes
    General Manager
  • Dani Burk
    Dani Burk
    Sales Manager
  • Diane Boustead
    Diane Boustead
    Finance & Insurance Specialist
  • Gerry Carlson
    Gerry Carlson
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
  • Danielle Hammond
    Danielle Hammond
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
  • Steve Maki
    Steve Maki
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
  • Dennis Ivall
    Dennis Ivall
    Fixed Operations Manager
  • Dawn Westover
    Dawn Westover
    Service Manager
  • Luke Krawczyk
    Luke Krawczyk
    Service Advisor
  • Chantal Caul
    Chantal Caul
  • Sean Debenedet
    Sean Debenedet
    Service Technician
  • Jaypee Malonzo
    Jaypee Malonzo
    Service Technician
  • Mike Dodge
    Mike Dodge
    Service Technician Apprentice
  • Sara Selman
    Sara Selman
    Service Technician Apprentice
  • Darryl Shine
    Darryl Shine
    LOF Technician
  • Mike Sobkowicz
    Mike Sobkowicz
    LOF Technician
  • Stacy Bazylewski
    Stacy Bazylewski
    Vehicle Detailer
  • Rhonda DeGagne
    Rhonda DeGagne
    Vehicle Detailer
  • Charlene Romyn
    Charlene Romyn
    Shuttle Driver
  • Nick Beyak
    Nick Beyak
  • Matt Brant
    Matt Brant
    Director of Fixed Operations
  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes
    Director of Fort Frances Operations
  • Trevor Szmon
    Trevor Szmon
    Director Of Sales
  • Ken Wickstrom
    Ken Wickstrom
    Director of Finance
  • Tyson Dennis
    Tyson Dennis
    Facilities & Safety Manager
  • Holly Kaemingh
    Holly Kaemingh
    Marketing & Public Relations Manager
  • Jordan Santos
    Jordan Santos
    IT Manager
  • Lauren Nickle
    Lauren Nickle
    HR Manager
  • Steph Kraynyk
    Steph Kraynyk
    Office Manager
  • Cherstin Whatley
    Cherstin Whatley
    Management Trainee

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